Home Brew Supplies

Home Brew Supplies

Inside The Flying Weasel showroom with various home brewing supplies

By stocking high quality names such as Blichmann and the ever dependable Grainfather, we are the only brewing supply store in Tahlequah to really kickstart and enhance your hobby.

We really recommend calling us or just coming in and taking a look at some of the finer points. If you have a question about the merits of high gravity brewing, or are looking for some direction with your setup, all you need to do is talk to us.


Home Brewing Setups

From home brewing kits to full blown custom rigs, The Flying Weasel can set you up.

Home Brewed Beer Recipes

We offer some homemade beer recipes for you to try. We also mimic your favorites!

Wine Making Equipment

For all your home wine making needs, including kits. The Flying Weasel stays stocked up.

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