Big Green Egg

Big Green Egg

The Big Green Egg surrounded by palm trees in somebody's backyard

The Flying Weasel Homebrewing & Grilling Supplies is an authorized dealer of the popular ceramic Big Green Egg charcoal grill series.

Using ancient and modern technologies combined, you won't find a better way to perfectly smoke meats, vegetables, pizzas and even cakes and breads!

Ceramic grills don't get as hot externally as metal grills because of their heat reflective properties.  As a result they're considered very safe and they retain and circulate heat much better, thus achieving and maintaining optimal temperatures quicker, longer and with less energy.  The Big Green Egg is capable of operating reliably between 200F and 1000F so you can smoke “Low and Slow” or Sear that perfect steak at high temperatures.

The Big Green Egg ceramic grill set in a custom table with smoke bellowing out overlooking a lush green hillside

You've really got to see The Big Green Egg in action to believe what it is capable of. Luckily for you, we offer weekly demonstrations of our favorite model Egg. We stock and carry most models and sizes for you to look at. So, with most budgets in mind, we have just what you need to take your grilling enthusiasm to a level you never knew existed.

A staged photograph showing the many product sizes and models of The Big Green Egg
The varieties of Big Green Egg are here at The Flying Weasel Homebrewing & Grilling Supplies in Oklahoma

Big Green Egg Eggcessories

We stock so many different accessories and charcoal to get the most out of your ceramic smoking experience. No matter what you're looking for to make your grilling adventure unforgettable, chances are we've got what you need. As a Big Green Egg dealer, we get amazing savings that can be passed on to you. So, give us a call, or stop by our Tahlequah location for some help.

A rack inside The Flying Weasel in Oklahoma showing accessories and charcoal specific to The Big Green Egg surrounded by a few models of The Big Green Egg.

If you still have questions about The Big Green Egg, just put your inquiry in the form below and we'll be glad to help.