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The Flying Weasel Homebrewing & Grilling Supplies in Oklahoma

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Brewing high gravity craft beer at home and making wine is becoming more popular by the day. So when it comes to adventures in homebrewing and grilling, leave it up to the local guys at the Flying Weasel in Northeastern Oklahoma to get you all set up.

Nothing compares to a mouthwatering glass of home brew and a perfectly grilled cut of wood smoked meat. At Flying Weasel our focus is on you, our customer.  We thrive on excellent customer service and support. Further, our expertise in both Homebrewing, wine making and grilling provides you the knowledge and training needed to make you successful and satisfied with your every purchase from us.


We are proud to say that we serve the people of Tahlequah. But we frequently see visitors from Tulsa, Oklahoma City, Arkansas, Missouri and Kansas. The reason is that we provide some truly delicious alternatives to the products and services currently on the big chain market.

We stock the latest range of beer making supplies, wine making kits and unique grills, and are always on hand to provide friendly and informative guidance. That way you can be assured that you will get the most out of your latest investment. With a team of passionate brewers and grillers, we love nothing more than talking shop with a like-minded soul. So call (918) 235-4118 or pay us a visit today, and we will open your eyes (and tastebuds) to a side of eating and drinking that you never knew could taste so good!

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We provide regularly scheduled training in making your own beer, winemaking and pellet and wood chip smoked grilling.  We also offer our service of cloning that favorite craft beer.  If you tell us what you want we can duplicate popular beers. Or, you can make up your custom recipe either as you wait or you can call in advance and we'll have it ready for you when you arrive.  If you go through our Homebrewing or Winemaking classes and still aren't comfortable on your own, come in and take advantage of our "Kitchen Access" and we'll be happy to guide you while using our kitchen and equipment.  We do regular demonstrations on our grilling equipment and even share the wonderful and delicious results.  Customer satisfaction through training, support and new and unique products add value to you our customers.

Our Story

The founder of Flying Weasel Homebrewing & Grilling Supplies is Jeff Bell.  Jeff is a native Oklahoman and graduate of the University of Oklahoma with a BS Degree in Metallurgical Engineering.  After a career in the Thermal Processing industry he decided to retire but wanted to do something unique and fun to stay busy.  Jeff grew up grilling on Hasty Bake Grills and started to make beer in the early 90's.  With those two passions he decided to open Flying Weasel Homebrewing & Grilling Supplies. Many people have since asked where the name, Flying Weasel came from?

"After a long day working to get the store opened, laying tile, painting, installing cabinets.... I went home and grabbed a beer of course, then sat down to relax. I turned on the TV and was watching the news. I saw a report of a freelance photographer who was in a field and heard a screeching sound. He focused in and began to shoot pictures. What he saw was...."

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"I was struggling with a name for the business at the time and knew that was it. I had my inspiration. The Name would be Flying Weasel," says Jeff, owner of the shop.

Next Steps...

Whether you are a home brewer, home wine maker, griller, smoker, or baker we can help you improve your game.  We have the expertise and knowledge as well as the commitment to make you successful. Give us a call or come in and experience what Flying Weasel can do for you.

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Our Owner

An picture of Jeff Bell, the owner of Flying Weasel

Jeff Bell

Founder & CEO

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